We review and analyze a substantial number of investment proposals every year. Listed below are a selection of investments completed - and in certain cases realized - by ABRIS funds.

Company Name Description Date of Investment Date of Exit

AAA Auto

In November 2014, Abris acquired a 76% stake in AAA Auto, the number one pre-owned car dealer in CEE and the only cross-border operator in this part of Europe. Additional capital was provided to expand the scale of the business and to finance its expansion into other CEE countries (in particular Poland). Nov 2014


In January 2010, Abris acquired a majority shareholding in Alumetal S.A., Poland’s largest secondary aluminium producer, with the intention to substantially increase the scale of existing operations and to finance the development of master alloys. Jan 2010 Jul 2014


In Nov 2008, Abris acquired a controlling shareholding in Barvinok, a value-focused retail grocery chain headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine. The Abris investment was provided to facilitate expansion and operational improvements. Nov 2008 Dec 2015


In May 2016, Abris invested in the largest locomotive leasing operation in the CEE region, aiming to support its founders in the further development of the business. As part of the transaction, Abris provided CARGOUNIT (“CU”) with expansion capital to finance the growth (both organically and through acquisitions) and the modernization of its locomotive fleet. May 2016


In April 2010, Abris acquired a controlling shareholding in Diverse S.A., a Polish fashion retailing chain. Diverse operates over 200 stores in Poland, Czech Republic and elsewhere. The Abris commitment was provided to develop new market opportunities and finance operational improvements. Apr 2010


In April 2016, Abris completed a series of acquisitions to create the largest independent premium packaging producer in the CEE region - DOT2DOT Premium Packaging Group. DOT2DOT combines a number of leading Polish packaging manufacturers which have long-established reputations for successfully executing the most complex packaging projects including processed folding boxes and labelling contracts, marketed to all sectors - from beauty and personal care to alcohol and food packaging. Jun 2015


In July 2013, Abris merged two portfolio holdings to create a new bank, FM Bank PBP SA, with a focus on providing loans and financial support to Poland’s small and medium-sized businesses. Additional capital was committed to allow the bank to invest in technology improvements and accelerate its business plan. Jul 2013 Nov 2015


In June 2015, Abris partnered with the management of GetBack SA to acquire this leading debt purchase business with operations in both Poland and Romania. Today the Company is growing strongly in both countries, utilising its highly scalable operational backbone with dedicated teams across a spectrum of debt management services tailoring to the needs of its clients. Jun 2016


In February 2017, Abris acquired a majority stake in Graal, the largest and fastest-growing fish processing company in Central and Eastern Europe, with annual revenues of over €250 million. Mar 2017

Green Group

In July 2016, Abris acquired majority control of Green Group, the largest integrated recycling group in South-Eastern Europe. Abris has partnered with the founder of Green Group, Mr. Clement Hung, to grow the operations of the group in the region and to further expand its collection infrastructure. Jul 2016


In December 2016, Abris acquired a majority stake in Kopernikus Technology, the #2 cable TV and broadband service provider in Serbia. Abris will partner with the founders, Srđan and Zvezdan Milovanović, to accelerate the company’s growth and to further expand its network. Dec 2016


In March 2010, Abris partnered with the senior management of Masterlease SA to acquire their company from its US-based parent company - General Motors Acceptance Corporation (now Ally Financial). Additional capital was provided to grow Masterlease into the leading auto fleet management business in Poland. Mar 2010 Apr 2014


In November 2012, Abris acquired a controlling shareholding in Mykogen, a leading Polish producer of mushroom substrate. Additional capital was committed to allow the business to expand its operations in Poland and other markets. Nov 2012


In March 2013, Abris acquired a majority shareholding in Poland’s leading waste treatement company – NOVAGO Sp. z o.o. (formerly USKOM Sp. z o.o.). In partnership with the company’s founder, Abris provided additional finance to expand operations and to secure market-leading recycling and waste-treatment facilities. Mar 2013 Aug 2016

Patent & Co

In November 2015, Abris invested in Patent Co., a rapidly-growing animal nutrition solutions provider headquartered in Southeastern Europe. As part of the transaction, Abris Capital Partners will provide Patent Co. with expansion capital, inter alia for a new state-of-the-art compound feed plant, which will be the most modern of its kind in Southeast Europe. Nov 2015

Pehart Tec

Pehart Group is the leading tissue paper producer in Romania and the largest independent business of its type in the CEE region. The group has two production facilities in the center of Romania, one in Petresti (near Sebes) and one in Dej (near Cluj). Jun 2015


In June 2010, Abris partnered with the founder of PrimoCollect to acquire a controlling position in Ukraine’s leading debt collection business. Additional capital was provided to expand operations and finance the purchase and servicing of loan portfolios from local banks, utilities and financial institutions. Jun 2010


In June 2011, Abris acquired Siodemka SA, one of Poland’s leading courier and parcel delivery businesses. Additional capital was provided to expand the scale of the business and to finance its expansion into the rapidly growing B2C opportunity. Jun 2011 Oct 2014

Urgent Cargus

In early 2013, Abris partnered with the management of Cargus - Romania's second largest provider of domestic courier services - to acquire the company from DHL International, a subsidiary of the German logistic company Deutsche Post DHL. The subsequent acquisition by Abris of Urgent Courier in 2014 (then Romania's third largest domestic courier business) allowed for its merger with Cargus to create Urgent Cargus, now the leading express courier company in Romania. Mar 2013 (Cargus) and Jun 2014 (Urgent)