Sector: Security integrator

Main location: Romania

Investment date: October 2019

Fund: Fund III

Abris contact: Adrian Stanculescu



In October 2019, Abris acquired a majority stake in Hyperfy, the leading provider of software solutions for physical security automation in Romania.

Hyperfy provides end-to-end solutions based on AI and IoT that simplify the physical protection of its clients while also enhancing it. From consultancy to implementation, monitoring and even intervention with specialised teams, Hyperfy covers the whole physical security area – particularly around smart video monitoring, access control and perimeter protection.

The company is backed by a proprietary software solution built on open architecture that has the capability to integrate complex infrastructures from any hardware producer.

Hyperfy is one of the largest players in this sector in Romania, counting most of the banks, retailers, pharma, and distribution companies among its blue-chip clients.

Hyperfy gained its identity after Abris has spun off the security software division from Global Technical Group.