Growing Central Europe

At the forefront of Central Europe – we are there

Why Central Europe?

years of growth and increasing stability

Regional highlights

fastest growing region of Europe
3.5 x
GDP / capita increase (1995 to 2018)
+100 m
population across region

GDP Compound Annual Growth Rate (1995-2018)

Total Central Europe
Euro Area

A business landscape with attractive fundamentals and transaction dynamics


Significant progress in enabling entrepreneurship and promoting growth
Ease of Doing Business Score


Highly productive workforce
Wage Adjusted Productivity (April 2020) 

Technically minded and skilled labour force
Share of labour force with tertiary education 2018


High levels of digital growth in Central European region
Digital Growth in CE region (2012-2016)


New opportunities in the Central European region 

Increased focus on:

  • Beneficiaries of nearshoring trend – n-tier suppliers 
  • Environmental and health care 
  • ‘Next generation’ companies
  • Digital enablers/disruptors 

At Abris, we have successfully navigated the Central Europe region with our eyes on the horizon and the world in mind for the past decade. We know these waters by heart, and we know how to steer companies towards remarkable growth and value creation.

We continue to focus on our core Abris investment criteria:

  • Fast growth 
  • Attractive EBITDA margins
  • Unique positioning 
  • Intellectual property (IP)
  • Regional and international expansion 

To find out more information about investment opportunities in Central Europe, please contact your Abris team