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to success

Abris Capital Partners is one of the leading independent private equity fund managers investing in Central Europe. We have navigated this region with eyes on the horizon and the world in mind for the last decade. We know these waters by heart – and we responsibly steer businesses towards remarkable growth and value creation.

Growing together

Patent Co.
From the largest local animal nutrition producer to a multinational player with a patented...
From a top 2 local player into the clear #1 on the Polish market and top-6 ROSCO in Europe ...
Poland’s leading waste-to-energy group. Sale to a Hong Kong-listed ...
Transformation of a regional logistics leader by fully capturing ...
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We are there

Central Europe


At Abris, we guide businesses and entrepreneurs towards success, discover opportunities for our investors and act as an expert within the wide ecosystem in which we operate. With local roots and international ambition, we use the world as our canvas when mapping out our investments.

Years of growth and increasing stability
Population across region
Fastest growing region in Europe


Meet the team

We believe in having our ears to the ground and always working in the spirit of collaboration, rooted in strong partnerships. Because together,
we can dream bigger and achieve the extraordinary.

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ESG Report 2021

Last year, agility was the most critical aspect of our business. But today, despite the macro situation or perhaps even because of it, the most important thing is “business as usual”. Keep going. Deliver.
Our ESG focus in 2021 was centered around the ESG 2023 Universe project, with particular attention paid to the execution of our Climate Manifesto.

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