Diversity and inclusion

Being a navigator comes with great responsibility 

Diversity of thought, experience and background leads to better decision making and better returns. Abris is committed to creating an inclusive workplace, pursuing the goals of equality and inclusion across its offices and portfolio companies by creating a supportive, non-discriminatory and respectful corporate culture and environment.

We believe that equality of opportunity is essential for us to be successful. Abris therefore offers equal career opportunities and employment conditions to all staff regardless of their:

  • Gender 
  • Race and Nationality 
  • Sexual Orientation 
  • Maternity and Paternity Status 
  • Marriage or Civil Partnership Status 
  • Religious Beliefs 
  • Political Convictions 
  • Disability 
  • Age 
  • Social and Financial Background 

Abris is dedicated to equal opportunities across all offices and at all levels both internally and within our portfolio companies. Remuneration schemes and bonuses are gender neutral and awarded based on merit alone, and all Abris employees and consultants have equal access to promotion opportunities. 

In addition, Abris is a member of Level 20 – a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving gender diversity in the European private equity industry – and is committed to its objectives.

The inclusive corporate culture of Abris requires that all our staff members live by the values of integrity, respect and tolerance, such that we maintain the highest standards of professionalism at work. Abris also expects the staff and management of its portfolio companies to adhere to the same ethical standards across their operations, both internally and externally. 

We do not accept any discriminatory, disrespectful or degrading behaviour towards any staff members, representatives of portfolio companies, investors or other counterparties. All members of staff have a duty to report cases of discriminatory or disrespectful behaviour they are subject of, or a witness to, and Abris has committed to providing individuals with a safe and anonymous whistleblowing channel through which all staff can report such behaviour.