Investment strategy

Abris partners with Central Europe’s most ambitious mid-market businesses, providing capital, strategic support and operational expertise, and driving growth through M&A, internationalisation and ESG transformation. We seek to maximise returns to our investors by helping our portfolio companies grow into regional and international champions, becoming highly attractive, plug-and-play targets for international trade buyers.

Investment criteria:

  • EU-11 with a focus on Poland and Romania
  • €30m-€75m equity tickets – or larger with co-investment
  • Control investments
  • Strong management teams
  • Mature businesses with clearly defined growth
  • 3-5+ year investment period
  • Sector focus: healthcare, circular economy, digital and technology, e-commerce and modern logistics, specialist manufacturing

We work collaboratively with management teams to grow businesses through:

  • ESG transformation – find out more
  • International growth
  • Add-on acquisitions
  • Strategic and operational optimisation
  • Financial best practice
  • Capitalising on EU convergence, nearshoring and growing consumer spending as the most transformative trends in Central Europe

While no two Abris investments are alike, we always follow the rules of responsible investing, apply a well-defined “sell-before-buy” strategy and execute a well-defined value-creation strategy for each investment.

Please contact your Abris local team for more information.