Abris has built a team of 40 of the region’s most recognized professionals. We have over 165 years of combined private equity experience, but our culture spans a broad range of backgrounds, interests, and experience. Our team members speak 10 languages, participate in more than 20 sports, are raising over 35 kids, sail across oceans, climb the world’s mountain peaks, lead charity initiatives and sponsor emerging artists.

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Elwira Byssyngier

Executive Assistant

Renata Durcova

Investment Associate

Ewa Dylakiewicz

Head of Administration

Matei Enache-Pommer

Investment Associate

Ewa Firlag

Financial Specialist

Kamil Gajdzinski

Investment Manager

Pawel Gierynski

Managing Partner

Tomasz Hajduk

Investment Manager

Alina Ilie

Office Manager

Olga Jablonska

Value Enhancement Associate

Wojciech Jezierski


Ewa Kacprzak-Olszewska

Finance & Admin Director

Edgar Kolesnik


Katarzyna Kuc

Office Administrator

Tomasz Kujawa

Investment Director

Elzbieta Lebiedzinska

Director of Fund's Administration

Wojciech Lukawski

Partner, Head of Poland

Tomasz Maciejak

Technology Director

Ionut Marin

Investment Manager

Neil Milne

Co-Founder & Chairman of the Partners' Board

Dagmara Miskiewicz


Rafal Morlak

Investment Manager

Monika Nachyla


Szymon Olejarczyk

Manager, Value Enhancement

Bartosz Owedyk

Investment Associate

Grzegorz Piejka

Investment Operations Director

Stephen Richmond

Partner, CFO

Robert Sroka

ESG Director

Adrian Stanculescu

Partner, Head of Romania

George Swirski

Co-Founder & Chairman - Investment Committee

Dorota Szczepanska

Deputy CFO

Dominika Truszkowska-Kepa

Legal Associate

Hanna Turnau

Investment Associate

Sylwester Urbanek

Investment Director

Gabriela Vorosciuc

Investment Analyst

Iwona Wardecka

Marketing Administrator

Beata Wojak

Marketing and Public Relations

Lukasz Wysokinski

Fund Reporting Manager

Mihai Zamfir

Investment Manager