Dominika Kepa

Dominika joined Abris in 2015. She is engaged in legal operations and activities of Abris Group’ portfolio companies, as well as its affiliated entities based in various jurisdictions, such as Luxembourg, Cyprus and Jersey.

Dominika’s scope of responsibilities includes compliance and corporate governance matters, legal due diligence, KYC, FATCA, CRS tasks and issues regarding implementation and monitoring of recommendations related to the personal data protection procedures. Dominika is responsible for ensuring proper legal filings and providing ongoing support with respect to day-to-day corporate and business agreements, legal documents and relevant board’ approvals.

In her personal life, Dominika loves animals, dogs especially. She is thinking about taking the course for a professional dog’s trainer. Whenever she has a chance, she enjoys visiting her beloved Gdańsk to spend quality time at the seaside.

Dominika holds a Master’s degree from the Law Department of Gdańsk University. In 2019 she graduated from the legal apprenticeship of the Warsaw Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law, passed her Bar Exam and became a professional Attorney-at-Law. Dominika is fluent in English.