Patent Co.

Sector: Agriculture

Main location: Mišićevo in northern Serbia

Investment date: November 2015

Exit date: February 2022

Fund: II

Abris contact: Pawel Gierynski

From the largest local animal nutrition producer to a multinational player with a patented, high-margin feed additive portfolio and global distribution reach.

During Abris’ investment, Patent Co. tripled its international sales, which now span six continents. With new state-of-the-art factories for compound feed and premixes, Patent Co. also tripled production capacity and developed new patented product lines for global distribution, consolidating its position as the leading animal nutrition business in Central Europe.

Investment Highlights

New markets entered during investment period
Compound annual growth in EBITDA
Increase in international sales (from €6m at entry to €20m)

Key strategic drivers

  • Development of own feed additives portfolio with new patented product lines introduced
  • Shift of the product sales mix towards higher margin feed additives, from a 32% contribution to gross margin before Abris’ entry to the current 52%
  • International expansion on a global scale – 43 new markets entered
  • Professionalization of the management team and full-scale build-up of the international sales team

Key operational drivers

  • Development of state-of-the-art production facilities – EUR 24m of CAPEX invested into the extension and automation of production lines across all product categories
  • Established best-practice corporate governance standards
  • Implemented professionalized environmental management function with a detailed carbon footprint reduction roadmap
  • Appointment of dedicated environmental and compliance officers
  • Corporate-wide implementation of best practice ESG standards, resulting in Patent Co. winning the first Abris ESG Grand Prix Award

Exit process

Abris sold Patent Co. to RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG