Sector: Tissue paper production

Main location: Dej, Romania

Investment date: June 2015

Fund: II

Abris contact: Adrian Stanculescu

Pehart Group is the leading tissue paper producer in Romania and the largest independent business of its type in the CE region. The group has two production facilities in central Romania, one in Petresti (near Sebes) and one in Dej (near Cluj).

Pehart has a vertically integrated production facility, manufacturing jumbo rolls (an intermediary product comprising large sheets of tissue paper from which consumer tissue products are made) that are then converted into finished products such as toilet paper, kitchen towels and napkins. Pehart also sells jumbo rolls to other converters.

Pehart exports most of its production from Romania to neighbouring countries in Southeastern Europe. The company has one of the largest and most modern production facilities in the region; its original facility has been operating since 2009 and the most recent since 2015.