Green Group

Sector: Recycling and Industrial waste management

Main location: Buzău, Romania

Investment date: July 2016

Fund: II

Abris contact: Adrian Stanculescu

In July 2016, Abris acquired majority control of Green Group, one of the largest integrated recycling group in South-Eastern Europe. Abris has partnered with the founder of Green Group, Mr. Clement Hung, to grow the operations of the group in the region and to further expand its collection infrastructure.

Green Group is the leading recycling business in Romania and CE, active in the recycling of all major waste streams including PET, electric and electronic waste (WEEE), glass and batteries. Following an investment of 35 mil EUR in 2017, Greenfiber International SA, a member company of Green Group, has become the largest producer of polyester staple fiber (PSF) made of 100% recycled PET in Europe.

The group expanded at the end of 2019 in Slovakia and Lithuania, where it operates two modern PET recycling facilities. In 2020,  Abris acquired 100% stake in Eltex Recycling, one of the leading  industrial waste management player in Romania, thus Green group took one more step towards a circular economic model.

In present, Green Group has operation units and facilities in Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.