MatexLab Group

Sector: Aesthetic Medicine

Main location: Switzerland (Geneva), US (Raleigh, North Carolina), Italy (Brindisi), Poland (Warsaw)

Investment date: October 2018

Fund: III

Abris contact: Pawel Gierynski

In October 2018, Abris invested in MatexLab Group, a company which sells its innovative aesthetic medicine products under Neauvia brand in more than 70 countries worldwide. Abris Capital provides the company with professional support and financing for further rapid international growth, including increasing presence on current markets and entry to new countries, such as USA.

Established in 2012 as a scientifically-based medical aesthetics company, MatexLab Group has evolved into a vibrant, high-growth multinational corporation with production sites and subsidiaries in Switzerland, USA, Italy, France, Spain and Poland.

Company’s mission is to empower people to proactively, holistically and effectively take control of their ageing process from the inside-out.

Neauvia has developed comprehensive protocols, supported by clinical data, that combine rejuvenation therapies and grant clinically proven superior results.

The company prides itself for its holistic approach. Based on a unique expertise in integrative aesthetic medicine, Neauvia’s Smart Combination Therapies utilizing fillers, innovative energy technologies, professional skin care products and food supplements allow practitioners to achieve optimal treatment results and unsurpassed patient satisfaction.

Neauvia’s rapid development is also the result of its business strategy, based upon a unique and holistic approach to the client, the development of long-term relationships with partners and full support at all stages of cooperation.