Sector: Warehouse & Logistics

Main location: Poland

Investment date: June 2010

Exit date: October 2014

Fund: I

Transformation of a regional logistics leader by fully capturing the Polish e-commerce opportunity.

One of the first market players to focus on addressing the specific needs of e-commerce customers. Sale to DPD Group – the international delivery network of GeoPost SA, a subsidiary of Le Groupe La Poste in France.

Investment Highlights 

increase in volume of deliveries per month
revenue increase following Abris acquisition



  • Granted access to an ongoing sales process through advisor relationship
  • Abris showcased its superior sector and local knowledge to cement relationship with management team to initiate MBO
  • Leveraged knowledge base gained in the logistics and e-commerce sector for future Urgent Cargus and WDX transactions

Strategic direction 

  • Converted the business from generalist courier company into specialized leader in e-commerce
  • Professionalized corporate governance standards, improved processes, introduced new reporting standards
  • Maintained customer loyalty through a focus on high-quality service


  • Major IT and systems upgrade
  • Created ‘stickiness’ by integrating shipment delivery module with warehousing systems
  • Established competitive advantage by expanding technology use to drive organizational efficiencies

Exit process

  • Dual track process with IPO driving timeline
  • Full exit through trade sale to DPD Poland (La Poste subsidiary)