Aures Holdings

Sector: Consumer Services

Main location: Prague, Czech Republic

Investment date: November 2014

Fund: II

Abris contact: Wojciech Lukawski

Aures Holdings, through its main subsidiaries AAA Auto and Aures Apps, actively operates in all segments of the pre-owned cars trading industry.

In November 2014, Abris acquired a 76% stake in AAA Auto, the number one pre-owned car dealer in the CE and the only cross-border operator in this part of Europe. The Company is considered a pioneer in providing premium services to customers trading over 80,000 cars every year. It is also one of the leading vehicle-oriented financial services intermediaries offering an array of financing options.

The experience gained in the Masterlease transaction helped us to understand certain peculiarities of the CE car market. This knowledge was crucial in developing the equity story for our investment in AAA Auto.

A large number of sometimes conflicted minority shareholders made this transaction a difficult acquisition for a trade buyer or a typical PE fund. Abris’ experience in unlocking such situations and in developing an effective collaboration between the Fund, the management and shareholders was critical in successfully putting this deal together.

The Company is headquartered in Prague (Czech Republic). When acquired by Abris, it operated through a vast retail branch network in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Following the acquisition, the Company initiated the roll out in Poland and undergone successful transformation of the business model into the fully automated trading company with machine learning technology complemented with the online car sale platform.

Strong technological backbone combined with an unmatched customer acquisition strategy has built Aures position as a leading provider of driving solutions through digital infrastructure.