Abris Capital names winners of annual ESG Awards

Portfolio companies Dot2Dot, MatexLab, Pehart and Global Technical Systems recognized for ESG and CSR performance

11 June 2024, Warsaw – Abris Capital Partners (“Abris”), the ESG transformation specialist private equity investor and B Corp, has announced the winners of its ESG Awards at a ceremony during the Abris ESG Academy. The annual prizegiving, judged by a jury of experts, recognizes portfolio companies that have performed most strongly in areas of environmental, social and governance best practice, as well as corporate social responsibility.

This year’s award winners were:

  • Environmental Award: Global Technical Systems for creating a photovoltaic installations department and implementing a new sustainable strategic business angle
  • Social Award: Dot2Dot for its work on corporate culture and integrating a comprehensive diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) program
  • Governance Award: MatexLab for its “Governance Power-Up” project
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Pehart for its Vocational School program, developing early education opportunities for schools in the region
  • Grand Prix Award: Dot2Dot for overall ESG performance and integrating sustainability into its strategy and operating model


Pawel Gierynski, Managing Partner of Abris Capital Partners, commented:
“Every year, we ask more of our companies on ESG and every year they deliver. The past 12 months has been marked by continued progress across the ESG spectrum, including our portfolio companies reducing carbon emissions by more than 50% per million euros of revenue across the board. I would like to thank all of our management teams and the Abris ESG Team for going above and beyond what was expected. Congratulations to the winners!”

In the Environmental category, Global Technical Systems, one of the largest technical installation companies in Romania, took home the award for adding a new strategic focus on photovoltaic installations. During 2023, new rooftop PV systems were installed at some of Romania’s largest shopping malls, as well as at car parking facilities, office buildings and airports. Installed capacity during the year has already reduced CO2 emissions by more than 10,000 tonnes, and over the course of the next 20 years these facilities alone will reduce emissions by 200,000 tonnes.

The Social Award went to Dot2Dot, the largest independent premium packaging producer in Central Europe, for its use of DEI to transform its team dynamics and develop a professional and ethical corporate culture. The company conducted a comprehensive assessment of organizational culture and applied best practice leadership frameworks to drive change. Projects included improving employee onboarding and appraisals, revisions to salary increases, a skills development plan, improved benefits, and work on strengthening company values. Dot2Dot now has a Board of Directors that is 50% female, and women also occupy 56% of managerial positions. EBITDA per employee has increased by 128% and the employee turnover rate fell by 50%.

The Governance category was won by MatexLab, and aesthetic medicine business active in more than 70 countries worldwide. During 2023, MatexLab launched its “Governance Power-Up” project, with the aim of shifting the business’s thinking from a legal entity-based silo approach to a “One Group” approach. The project, which focused on driving efficiencies, standardizing and automating processes, conducting training and upgrading compliance procedures, saw strong results during the year. The business grew sales by 25% while significantly reducing costs. Around €1 million was saved by switching to group-wide, end-to-end business processes including a new ERP system and financial center. A training plan for all employees also helped to reduce compliance / mobbing incidents to zero.

In the Corporate Social Responsibility category, Pehart – the leading tissue paper producer in Romania – took home the trophy for its Vocational School program, which offers scholarships and professional training to students. The program will provide scholarships for 12 pupils for each of the next three years, including 160 hours of practical training hosted by Pehart and networking with relevant institutions in the community to support adoption in the area. The company also offers open-door events for families, hosts school visits and participates in job fair events.

Finally, the Grand Prix prize – celebrating the highest achiever of the year across the ESG spectrum within the Abris portfolio – was won by Dot2Dot. In addition to its achievements within the social sphere, the company made significant strides on its environmental goals, offering eco-friendly packaging and reducing CO2 emissions by 44% per million euros of revenue compared with 2022. On governance, the company developed and implemented an enterprise risk management system and a GDPR risk management system. Employees were also trained in IT security.

Krzysztof Rosłaniec, CEO of Dot2Dot, commented:
“We are delighted to have been recognized by the Abris ESG Awards. Throughout our operations, we promote sustainable development, adhere to ethical standards and maximize transparency in each area of our business. We strive to be an attractive employer and to maintain high standards of working conditions for employees. We also believe that our ESG efforts are important for building solid, long-lasting relationships with our customers. I am proud to say that after several years of cooperation with Abris, Dot2Dot has been transformed into a modern, sustainable and socially advanced business.”