Sector: Dental consumables and equipment distributor

Main location: Bucharest, Romania

Investment date: October 2019

Fund: III

In October 2019, Abris acquired Dentotal Protect, the leading distributor of dental consumables, instruments and equipment in Romania.

Dentotal is the leading independent one-stop shop distributor on the fast-growing Romanian dental care market, providing a large variety of dental supplies and services to dental clinics and laboratories. The company enjoys a nationwide coverage with the largest network of physical shops (12 branches) and a broad product portfolio of over 10,000 SKUs.

Abris will continue to support the growth of the company through introduction of new product lines, expanding logistic facilities and IT systems, and increasing the company’s market share both organically and through acquisitions. The main objective for the following years will be to offer dental clinics and laboratories a comprehensive and up to date portfolio of high-quality dental products, equipment and solutions.